• Commercial Building Surveys
  • Residential Building Surveys
  • Defect Diagnosis
  • Building Conservation
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Project Management
  • Quinquennial Surveys
  • Dilapidations
  • Party Wall Surveyor
  • Expert Witness
  • Access Consultancy

If you are considering purchasing a commercial property or entering into a lease with repairing covenants, our experienced team can provide the necessary Commercial Building Surveys and technical due diligence assessment.

With over 20 years’ experience in building surveying, Cassidy + Ashton has delivered Building Survey reports and advice for many high profile clients and high valued transactions across all property sectors.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide a commercial, cost-effective and excellent quality of service, whether for stand-alone or multiple building acquisitions.

Cassidy + Ashton understands that funders, institutions, investors, occupiers and vendors have differing needs. With every survey instruction we ensure that, from the outset, we understand your particular aims and tailor our sesrvices to meet your requirements – whether they relate to defects, materials testing, refurbishment proposal, cost recoverability via dilapidation claims, insurance, warranties, documentation and many other matters.

Our experienced project consultancy team is also on-hand to proceed with procuring and carrying out works – ranging from straightforward defects remedying to full-scale refurbishments and extensions.

Our expertise in landlord and tenant matters also means we provide significant added value to the service we provide since the financial implications of terminal (and interim) dilapidations claims and the recoverability of service charge expenditure are usually considerable.

To us, this is a critically important and crucial part of the technical due diligence process. This is why we take the time to review existing leases and associated documentation to ensure that our clients are provided with as full a picture as possible of the proposed acquisition.

The Cassidy + Ashton team also has the skills and resources to provide a range of quality, bespoke building surveys.

Our Commercial Building Survey services include:

  • Defects analysis
  • Portfolio surveys
  • Pre-acquisition freehold occupier surveys
  • Pre-acquisition investor survey

Our Chartered Surveyors can undertake Residential Building Surveys that provide the full details of the building’s construction and state of repair.

This type of survey is much more detailed than the mortgage valuation survey required by a potential lender, giving details of specific defects and budget costs for repair.

When undertaking a residential survey Cassidy + Ashton is conscious that our client will be relying on our experience and expertise to advise them on one of the biggest investment decisions they will ever make. Our surveys are impartial and reliable.

We pride ourselves on being thorough and rigorous with attention to detail. Our reports are concise and clear to allow the client to easily understand the defects and issues that may arise following our inspection that are reported in the survey.

Our Residential Building Surveys provide:

  • Peace of mind that you know the property and the risks it may carry.
  • Confidence that you can make an offer that reflects the true circumstances of the property (e.g. how an owner has maintained the property’s condition or how a vendor protects the sale).
  • Reassurance that as your surveyor we deliver a high quality, reliable and cost-effective service based on Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standards of practice.
  • A clear understanding of your property demonstrated by our easy-to-follow plain English reports with colour-coding to illustrate the surveyor’s findings.

Cassidy + Ashton’s Defect Diagnosis service offers a scientific and analytical examination of building defects which is necessary to identify and understand the cause of component failure.

We also consider the condition, strength and durability of the building elements involved when reporting our diagnosis.

The assessment of failure of building elements, or non-compliance with provided building specifications has increasingly become a pre-requisite to dispute resolution and litigation. A defect diagnosis is therefore highly recommended as part of resolving disputes in the building trade.

Our Defect Diagnosis service includes:

  • Concrete and deleterious materials
  • Curtain walling, cladding and glazing
  • Defect analysis, forensic engineering and material failures
  • Heritage conservation
  • Structural appraisal

Our team of surveyors oversee Building Conservation work to listed and historic buildings on a regular basis.

Cassidy + Ashton is experienced in the integration and interpretation of both modern and traditional technologies in historic buildings and interiors to make them environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient and fit for modern purpose.

Our philosophy, attention to detail and understanding of traditional and modern materials and construction methods ensure a living continuity for our buildings and places.

We provide a complete Building Conservation service from initial inspection and survey to specification and contract administration of the works.

Cassidy + Ashton is also experienced in gaining faculty approval from Diocesan bodies for works to churches.

As conservation specialists with design at the heart of our business, our starting point for all our work is to understand the unique characteristics and opportunities of a building. We work with clients to realise the benefit of their building through design, conservation and repair.

We believe that both design and repair should relate well to their context and to make appropriate use of existing and modern materials. We work closely with our conservation architect colleagues to ensure we are considering the design and traditional methods of craftsmanship when specifying repairs and related conservation work.


Cassidy + Ashton can provide an accurate record and properly constructed Schedules of Condition.

Our reports include a detailed written record of the building’s current condition, backed up with photographic evidence or videographic images. They benchmark a property’s state of repair, recording all defects identified at a given date.

The schedules are normally produced in relation to leased property and often intended to limit future dilapidations liabilities.

The schedules of condition also play a crucial role in party wall management and disputes in order to identify any damage following construction work undertaken by neighbouring owners.

Inadequate and poorly written schedules of condition can result in protracted negotiations and end in significant financial implications.

Cassidy + Ashton understands the importance of an appropriately constructed, accurate and thorough schedule – which is essential in ensuring a schedule of condition fully delivers its intended purpose.

Our Schedules of Condition services include:

  • Photographic schedules of condition
  • Videographic schedules of condition
  • High level drone surveys which can be included in the schedules of condition

Cassidy + Ashton’s team has considerable experience in Project Management. 

Our services range from the management of small building projects through to multi-million pound projects. We have completed a significant number of extremely varied schemes to date, with values ranging from £5k – £40m. Our experienced teams provide award winning Project Management services throughout the UK. This service forms a major part of our business.

Cassidy + Ashton’s ethos is to deliver a high level of service and value for money. our Project Management consultancy services cover projects ranging from fit-outs to repair, maintenance, new-build and refurbishment, covering all property sectors.

Our surveyors are pragmatic and efficient in understanding and interpreting the clients brief. We provide a client-tailored strategy whilst adding value to ensure each project progresses on budget, on time and to exacting quality standards.

We have a comprehensive skill base and considerable experience in all matters relating to the built environment and our team ethic brings in other disciplines into our Project Management service. This may include, costs consultancy, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical service engineers, party wall surveyors.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Contract administration
  • Cost consultancy
  • Architectural design services
  • Employer’s agent
  • Principal designer role
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management

Quinquennial Surveys are five year inspections typically carried out on churches and other ecclesiastical buildings. Cassidy + Ashton is the appointed consultant to a number of local Diocesan organisations across the North West.

The Quinquennial Report is one of the key documents that assists clients in the care and repair of church buildings which is a legal obligation.

The report provides a snapshot of the repair needs of the buildings, and lists the repairs required according to their priority. It is also a suitable document to support bids for funding and other grants that may be available.

Our Quinquennial inspections involve a thorough survey of all aspects of a building’s fabric and are intended to identify problems developed since any previous inspections and to establish priorities for repair work to ensure the ongoing preservation of the building.

Cassidy + Ashton has a proven track record providing Dilapidations services and providing commercial solutions for both landlord and tenant clients, ranging from single instructions through to complete property portfolio management.

We use our extensive expertise to give the best possible advice and obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

We apply our many years of professional experience in identifying the negotiating strategy required and realising the best outcome for our clients.

Cassidy + Ashton maintains very close links with the RICS and many of the industry’s leading solicitors to ensure that we are always fully abreast of the latest developments in this complex area of law.

Our clients come from a range of sectors including local authorities, ecclesiastical organisations, private property companies, education, retailers and leisure operators.

Our Dilapidations services include:

  • Assessment of dilapidations liability for tenant/landlord
  • Break and termination clause advice
  • Strategy advice, implementation and Section 18 services
  • Interim and terminal defence for tenant
  • Monitor works for landlord and/or tenant
  • Negotiate financial settlement for landlord or tenant
  • Prepare interim and terminal claims for landlord

Cassidy + Ashton offers specialist, commercial and pragmatic advice to clients on a wide range of projects involving Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters.

Our team has detailed knowledge of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and experience in working with clients and their neighbouring owners to resolve party wall matters. Our aim is to prevent, minimise and resolve disputes as efficiently as possible whilst protecting the interests of our clients throughout.

We provide high quality advice to wide range of sectors including education, private developers, local authorities, leisure and hospitality, ecclesiastical and private occupiers.

Cassidy + Ashton has dedicated neighbourly matters surveyors who are aware of the technical interpretation of the Party Wall Act and we ensure that we are always abreast of the latest developments. We are also very experienced in the negotiation of licences to secure access over neighbouring land in order to carry out building work, including cranes, scaffolding and hoarding.

Our Party Wall Survey services include:

  • Party wall – building owner’s survey
  • Party wall – adjoining agreed owner’s survey
  • Crane, scaffolding and hoarding licences
  • Access licences during construction

Cassidy + Ashton’s chartered surveyors are experienced in acting as Expert Witnesses in construction related disputes.

We are familiar with all legal protocol and are trained to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.

Our service involves working closely with legal professionals to assist in the satisfactory resolution of building and property-related disputes. Cassidy + Ashton has experienced consultants who frequently work alongside local solicitors and understand what is required from a surveyor’s perspective in providing information as part of an Expert Witness service.

Our Expert Witness services include:

  • Initial opinion on technical issues and/or strengths of arguments
  • Advice on professional and technical matters
  • Preliminary advice in the selection of other experts

Cassidy + Ashton is experienced in Access Consultancy services. Our chartered building and surveying team produces access audits for many clients and can also provide advice on accessibility within the built environment.

Access Audits provide an important document to conform with the Equality Act 2010. Our team will undertake access assessments on existing and proposed buildings and can identify existing or potential access problems and provide practical solutions.

Cassidy + Ashton can offer guidance on improving accessibility and working environments for all building users, which includes construction advice where required.

Our access audit reports are drafted to suit each client’s needs or particular requirements. Related documentation is presented in a concise format, outlining what changes and alterations are recommended, together with their priority and a cost estimation.

Our surveyors and architects have experience in designing and managing access alteration projects including modifications to listed buildings and buildings protected by a conservation or heritage status.

The building surveying team constantly reviews legislative changes, standards, best practice guidelines and new case law to ensure our clients are given the correct advice and recommendations as part of our A+ consultancy services.


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